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In Praise, you have to control a city to feed a giant and be sure that your citizens will not runaway during 12 months. You have to assign your citizens to differents works and earn gold, food and mana. Every month, the giant will take a lot of ressources and events will help you or destroy your strategy.

This game was made in 1 week.

Developpeurs :

CHAMPANEY Benjamin - Lead Project, Lead Game Art, Game Designer , UI Designer

ECUER Thibault - Game Designer, Game Art

HEBBINCKUYS Paul - Game Designer,  Game Art, Sound Designer1

GRAS Valentin - Game Designer, Programer

BUBLOT Nathan - Game Designer, Programer

FEUILLASTRE Donnovan - Game Designer, Lead programer

GARDAIS Jordan - Game Designer

BENON MUNIZ Gabriel - Lead Game Designer


Praise.7z 37 MB

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